Famous People Describe Why They Meditate, and Identify the #1 Misconception About Meditation

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Don Harris describes meditation and it's challenges best, when he says, "As soon as you try this, your mind is going to go bonkers... You're going to start thinking about what's for lunch... "Do I need a haircut..? Where do the gerbils run wild..? Whatever... Blah... Blah... Blah... You're just going to notice, "Oh... my mind's [...]

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Let’s Talk About Counselling

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LET'S TALK ABOUT COUNSELLING If the idea of counselling makes you uncomfortable, you're not alone. Most of my clients have said it took them a really long time to gather the courage to contact me. They've also said they wish they'd done it way sooner! If you've never seen a counsellor before, you might share some [...]

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A Quora reader asked “How would you prepare for counseling?”

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How would you prepare for counseling? by Teron Wolf Answer by Teron Wolf: Hi, First of all, congratulations on making the decision to access support. If you’ve found the right therapist, this could be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made! As for preparation and what to expect: When I am seeing clients for the [...]

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Let’s Talk About Meditation

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Let's Talk About Meditation If you're like many people who have limited experience with meditation, chances are the word conjures up images of monks fasting in caves; tie-died hippies chanting 'OM' over vegan, organic, hemp-green smoothies; or yogis in white, getting all bendy at the knees in ways you can't even imagine a body being capable [...]

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What the Mandala Said…

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Sometimes, I have crummy days. When I do, I try to find a way to go within - to connect with myself and uncover the truth of what is bothering me. Sometimes it's easy. Sometimes it's not. I do it anyway... Today, I didn't feel like doing anything at all, so I pulled out one of [...]

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60 Second Checklist

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60 Second Check-list: Are you living what you believe? Are you doing work you love? Are you loving who you want? Are you creating what inspires you? Are you resting when you’re weary? Are you nourishing yourself when you’re hungry? Are you living the life of your dreams today?

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Let’s Talk About Listening

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Check out this month's article in The Fishbowl Magazine! Let's Talk About Listening One of the biggest challenges in any relationship is that of establishing effective communication. It's easy to get fired-up about getting our own point across, but it can sometimes be challenging to hear another's position with equal enthusiasm. The most important skill we [...]

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Introducing Fair Fees! (and Why They Matter)

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2016 is already showing itself to be a year for facing challenges head-on, letting go of what isn't working, and making room for something better! The greatest challenge I have faced over the past 15 years of offering Counselling, Healing and Spiritual Support services has been to find the balance between running a sustainable, professional practice, [...]

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The Confrontation Technique for Self-Mastery

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On a call with a client today, this question arose: "How do I overcome long-standing habits & behaviors that are no longer working for me, but seem to be deeply embedded in my consciousness?". One way to address this is by using something called the Confrontation Technique for Self-Mastery. I originally encountered this technique via Dr. Paul [...]

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Everybody Needs at Least One of These People…

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Those people who believe in you... The ones who refuse to see you as a victim... The ones who won't let you short-change yourself by making excuses, and who require that you draw on your own strength to learn & grow... Keep those ones around. They are golden. t.

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THIS is What Gratitude Looks Like for 47 People Over a Week’s Time!

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Wow! What a fantastic kick-off to the Today's Gratitudes: 21 Day Challenge!  Over the past week, this group has grown from 1 to 47 members. New people are joining every day, and by all accounts - participants are feeling positive, uplifted and inspired by the immediate change this practice is creating in their own lives. Everyone [...]

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