We can't change an existing paradigm by continuing to conform to it. The best way to bring about change in the world, is to bring about change in ourselves.

Teron Wolf


The Good Stuff:

I am deeply committed to doing everything I can to ensure that everyone has access to the professional services they need; and that every client is empowered to contribute what is equitable, and from within a framework they can feel proud of.

My multi-tier Fair Fees payment schedule is designed so that each client pays a ‘Fair Fee’ that is pro-rated in consideration of the amount they earn per hour.

Under this unique model, everyone contributes with pride and dignity, knowing that their time and effort are of equal value, regardless of how much or how little they earn.

It’s a great way to level the playing field, act with integrity, and honor the reality that life doesn’t happen in a straight line.

The response to this idea has been immensely positive. People at all points along the income spectrum are loving it, and those who are experiencing abundance often volunteer to contribute even more, in order to keep the initiative going.

The word most often used to describe this unique fee structure is ‘FAIR’. I am thrilled, because that’s exactly what it is designed to be!

*Note: Accelerated Learning & Enhancement services, as well as Workshops, Events, and Immersion Retreats are offered at flat rates.

See schedules below.

The Extra Stuff:

Payment can be made via Pay Pal, Square, Visa or Master Card using Pay Pal or Square, Cash, Email Money Transfer, and Personal Cheque.

New Clients: payment must be received a minimum of 7 days in advance of service delivery or your appointment will be considered cancelled.

Active Clients: payment must be received on-schedule, as agreed after your first 3 sessions.

Canadian funds only.

Mailing Address available on an individual basis. Please Contact Teron.

Consultations are conducted online or via telephone, except as follow-up to TANDMGems workshops or events. It is your responsibility to provide me with correct contact information, in advance of your session.

Cancellations: If for any reason, it becomes necessary to cancel your scheduled appointment, 24 hours minimum notice is required. If less than 24 hours notice is received, payment in full for your missed appointment is required before you book your next session – no exceptions. Please consider that appointments are in high demand, and the earlier your cancellation, the better chance someone on the waiting list may be able to adjust their schedule to fill the spot.

Counselling, Healing & Spiritual Support


Tier 1 $110.01 per hour, or more… $320 / 2hrs
Tier 2 $80.01 – $110.00 $280/ 2hrs
Tier 3 $60.01 – $80.00 $260/ 2hrs
Tier 4 $45.01 – $60.00 $240 / 2hrs
Tier 5 $40.01 – $45.00 $220 / 2hrs
Tier 6 $35.01 – $40.00 $200 / 2hrs
Tier 7 $30.01 $35.00 $180 / 2hrs
Tier 8 $25.01 – $30.00 $160 / 2hrs
Tier 9 $20.01 – $25.00 $140 / 2hrs
Tier 10 $17.51 – $20.00 $120 / 2hrs
Tier 11 $15.01 $17.50 $90 / 2hrs
Tier 12 $15.00 per hour, or less… $80 / 2hrs
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* Please note that for the sole purpose of safeguarding against misuse, all clients accessing Fair Fees Tiers 4 through 13 will be required to provide annual confirmation of their hourly wage.
** All Counselling, Healing & Spiritual Support sessions are 2 hours in duration. This may seem like a long time, but it is consistently at around the 45min to 1hr mark that breakthrough momentum really starts to build. Rather than shut everything down just when things are starting to get good, I prefer to stay with the process until it reaches its natural conclusion – usually around the 2hr mark.

Accelerated Learning & Enhancement Services

Getting CLEAR: Self-Realization & Empowerment Training

  • $1800/3 Day Starter Intensive

Bach Flower Remedy Consultation

  • $180 Includes Remedy

Crystal Singing Bowl, Sacred Gong, or Deep Drum Meditations

  • Multiple Options Available

Canine/Human Communication, Rehabilitation & Training

  • $185/1.5hr session

Intro to Mayan Cosmology

  • $240/60min Consultation

Dreamspell Birth Chart

  • $1200 Complete Chart + Interpretation

Reconnective Healing

  • $111/Session

Personal Reconnection

  • $333/Complete Reconnection