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Know honor, preserve humility
and in this way
Be the valley of the world

Lao Tzu

In loving memory of Our Beloved Sterling Boy
July 14, 2003 – August 05, 2014
Photo Credit: Innervortex Images


Human/Animal Communication, Rehabilitation & Training

There is always, ALWAYS a connection between the way our animals behave, and the energy, intentions, and subtle signals we are personally projecting into the world.

Because animals exist in an ego-less state, they respond directly to the energy & circumstances in their present environment. They reflect back to us with clarity, how our own energies and behaviors influence the world around us. Viewed from this perspective, our animal companions become some of our wisest teachers. As we balance and correct our relationships with animals, we heal and transform some of our deepest wounds.

Human/Animal Communication, Rehabilitation & Training with Teron can help you discover simple, supportive techniques to assist the animals in your care to become happier, healthier, more balanced, and better behaved. What’s more – you can benefit from the training as much as they do, as you develop the confidence, skills, insight and awareness to become more balanced in all of your relationships.

Learn how to:
* Establish & maintain healthy roles, rules and boundaries…
* Understand how subtle cues in energy & body language dramatically affect behaviour…
* Hear what is NOT being said…
* Use posture, expression, sound, touch and energy to communicate…
* Communicate your intention, and follow through to success…
* Overcome anxiety, fear, aggression, over-excitability, past traumas and more…
* Touch to calm, soothe & heal…
* Deepen your bonds & enjoy your friendships!


No one learns as much about a subject as the one who has to teach it.

  • – P. Drucker