What Should I Expect?

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Do just once
what others say you can't do
and you will never pay attention to their limitations again

James R. Cook

What Should I Expect?

If you’re anything like me, one of the things that frustrates you most is being told that this way is the way, and if you are not making progress or finding solutions – there is something wrong with you.

Where your evolution and healing is concerned, what you need to know is this:

The Body, Mind, and Spirit are not separate from one another. All of the memories, thoughts, behaviors, emotions & programs that are part of your story are stored in your MIND, and your BODY, and your SPIRIT.  Healing has to occur on all levels of consciousness. When we enact change in only one area, our “stuff” often remains stuck in the others.  In order to heal completely, and to make lasting change in your life – you’ve got to clean the entire house, so to speak!

My job is to help you discover the tools that work for you in the creation of your new reality; to help you see yourself clearly; to illuminate pathways that allow you to find your own way; to inspire you to approach challenges from a new perspective; and to empower you to move through life with freedom, and courage, and wisdom, and joy.

Since you’re exploring this site, you already know that I come to every session with a diverse and effective toolbox, chalk full of Body, Mind & Spirit tools to help you get to where you want to be.

Each and every integrated Counselling, Healing or Spiritual Support session is an evolution of multiple modalities & practices. We can try anything that inspires you, and pass on the things that don’t. The process is alive and organic like you – moving and changing moment to moment – responding to your energy, awareness & insights at every step. Of course, if you see or encounter something that really moves you, we can focus on any singular approach or modality for as long as you like!

Part of the magic in this is that when we hit a spot where you are really “stuck” ( which for most of us is inevitable), instead of trying to break in through the front door using the same approaches you’ve already tried, we can get in through the side door, or an open window, or a hole in the roof. If what we’re doing isn’t working, we can shift gears, so to speak – head in a new direction that might surprise you enough to break through! The other part is that when we find something that really works for you, we can stay with it, and even combine it with other approaches.

Given the right tools, the right guidance, the right encouragement, the right amount of time, and the right opportunities for our particular understanding – each and every one of us is capable of lasting change, profound healing, inspired evolution and growth.

Do not fear mistakes - there are none.

  • – Miles Davis