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In these moments, we lose ourselves in something that moves us...
In these moments, gratitude defines us...
In these moments, all of the noise and static disappears
as we connect to something much, much greater
than the minutiae we tend toward in our daily lives...

21 Seconds of Bliss

21 Seconds of Bliss is an idea that came to me while on one of my daily, morning walks with my best friend and constant companion, Sterling. As we were strolling through Mouat Park, meditating, and absorbing the beauty & magic all around us, I started thinking about the importance of taking time every day to experience moments of bliss.

I thought about how often I hear that people don’t have time to do this every day, and I wondered how I could make it accessible. If time is an issue, I thought – how can we experience Bliss in 30 seconds or less? So, I started taking 21 Second videos of my moments of Bliss.

These videos are taken using a hand-held iPhone. They are shared with you exactly as they were recorded. They are meant to illustrate every day experiences – dog slobber, and all. They are my humble way of sharing the magic that exists in the mundane. They are a simple pleasure.

They are 21 Seconds of Bliss… 

Experience 21 Seconds of Bliss