5 Quick Tricks to Beat the Heat!

//5 Quick Tricks to Beat the Heat!

5 Quick Tricks to Beat the Heat!

1. Drink water. Lot’s of it.
2. During the day, put a bucket of water under or behind your fan. The fan will circulate the cooler air that is created as the water in the bucket evaporates. Do NOT allow water to come into direct contact with fan, electrical cords, or outlets.
3. In the evenings, after the air cools down, put a fan OUTSIDE a window. Turn it so that it directs the airflow into the house. This will blow the cooler evening air inside. It’s almost as good as air conditioning.
4. Snack on frozen fruits or vegetables. My favorite are mango chunks. You’d be surprised at how refreshing it is to munch on these!
5. If you can find them, get your hands on a few of those neck-cooling bands that you soak in water & wear around your neck. They really work, and they’re great for dogs too! Do NOT leave dogs or young children unattended while they are wearing one. 🙂

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