Happy Clients!

//Happy Clients!
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I am deeply honored to have been invited to share the journey with so many beautiful, courageous, inspiring people over the years. Whether you have shared your feedback here or not, every one of you has my eternal respect, admiration, and gratitude... Teron.

Happy Clients!

I have the utmost confidence referring patients to Teron for Counselling, Emotional Support, Getting CLEAR, or any of his other services. Every patient I have sent – even the reluctant ones – has reported stellar results, and thanked me for referring them. I personally experienced Teron’s Getting CLEAR program and was blown away. The clarity and insights I gained were incredible! I absolutely know that all my patients who see Teron are in good hands.

Dr. Patrick Callas, ND – Salt Spring Island BC

Wolf has established himself as a reputable asset among the island’s health and wellness services.

Sean McIntyre – Driftwood Publishing

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A good friend of mine told me about his Counselling skills, that he was intuitive, asked really good questions, and was easy-going and friendly. As it turned out, that was exactly what I was looking for… My partner and I went, and my friend was right in how good his skills are. He also makes growing and evolving more of a beautiful adventure than a chore… His style is warm and invokes a feeling of safety and trust, while remaining objective and non-judgemental – something fairly new to me… I would absolutely recommend him (and I do) to anyone requiring an intuitive, safe, and caring guide in the labyrinth of life.

MS – Salt Spring Island BC

Teron Wolf is the most inspiring Counsellor I have yet worked with. He is passionate about his work, is very well-read, and has studied a vast range of topics and approaches to personal development. His humor and integrity serve to bring out the best in me, and gently invite me to look deeply into myself through a lens of love. Regardless of what challenges I carried into a session, I always came out with a smile on my lips, joy in my heart, and a renewed sense of faith & trust in myself and the world around me.

AC – Salt Spring Island BC

“Very unique. No matter where you are in your journey, the insight into your life will surprise you.” (Getting CLEAR)

MH – Quispamsis NB

Now, when I have a hard decision to make – I just ask myself: WWTD – What would Teron do? (laughs)

TB – Terrace BC

Teron has the most amazing ability to keep his absolutely professional ethos present at all times, while making me feel as if I am talking to my very closest friend. His expertise has made me shocked so many times by a seemingly simple question that brings about amazing results in my quest to know myself.

MP – Salt Spring Island BC

Teron’s Getting CLEAR process was very enlightening. I did it over Skype with him as I live in Ontario. It left me with a feeling of knowing who I really am and a better understanding of how some of my choices in life have affected the outcome of many things. I now have a tool that will guide me through my thought processes in any new decisions in the future. Highly recommended!

Lauren H. – Parry Sound ON

He ‘walks the walk’ as no other Counsellor I’ve known, and his enjoyment of that walk is contagious. He has a unique ability to be completely present in order to intuitively connect with the client, and his rich background of knowledge and experience provides a wide range of healing options. In just a few sessions with him, I was able to clear a deep-seated issue that hadn’t responded to long-term ‘traditional’ counselling – and he made that process a very empowering experience. I’d highly recommend Teron to any and all, but especially to those who believe as I did, that they’ve been-there-done-that, because until they’ve had a session with Teron – they haven’t!

LW – Salt Spring Island BC

I have found Teron to be a great inspiration in my life, as well as the life of my husband. His commitment to always bringing his very best to his guests/clients is impressive, as well as his immense and varied knowledge regarding the promotion of healing and balance in one’s life. He is a great teacher, and always ready to share his knowledge and experience. He is kind and supportive, and I believe has a true calling to want to help others… Teron deals with integrity and can always be counted on to deliver what he has offered.

AG – Salt Spring Island BC

I really appreciate what Teron does as a healer and a life coach. I have found him to be extremely compassionate, knowledgeable, and human. Teron brings his warmth and integrity to every session.

KL – Salt Spring Island BC

Teron Wolf is a highly intuitive Counsellor and Healer. He worked creatively to enable me to find solutions. He is extremely trustworthy and reliable. I loved his joy for life and his ability to emphathize and connect with me while inspiring and challenging old perceptions and engaging me on a journey of self-discovery and expansiveness. I would whole-heartedly endorse Teron!

RK – Sooke BC

Teron is a very gifted Counsellor and Healer. He knows how to listen and is genuinely interested in your wellbeing. His communication skills and knowledge inspire trust and reliability in his clients.

Yves Vial, Founder: Sound Healing Institute of Canada – Victoria BC

Immediately upon meeting Teron, there is a feeling you have come to the right place. The work I have done with him has made a tremendous difference with amazingly profound results that have changed my life in so many ways. Teron has a great deal of knowledge and experience in the arts of Counselling and Healing. He is able to apply his many gifts effectively to arrive at the heart of any matter and provide the help that is needed. It is an honor and a tremendous blessing to have him walk beside me. I recommend Teron, wholeheartedly.

RB – Salt Spring Island BC

Teron helps you remember your power… remember your knowing.

MB – Highlands BC

When you work with Teron, you just know that he sees you clearly and that he accepts you exactly as you are.

KD – Oak Bay BC

Teron’s compassion and caring made for a safe environment where I felt at ease being open and honest with myself. The work we’ve done together gave me great insight on many different aspects of my life, and has helped me immensely. Through this I’ve learned different tools to help me excel past my troubles so I can focus on my greater purpose. Words just don’t reach the level of gratitude I feel in my heart. I highly recommend Teron Wolf for Counselling or Healing work, if you’re seeking someone in the field.

Sarah – Squamish BC

I “found” Teron on a shuttle bus heading for Denver Airport after both attending a Health Conference. Just new to a Cancer diagnosis, I was looking for healing methods to soothe the traditional radiation and chemotherapy. I started working with Teron by telephone on a weekly basis. His genuine care and his ability to change my perspective and attitude towards my experience with cancer were instrumental to my healing. I am now a five year survivor and will be forever grateful to Teron for his work with me.

Marion S. – Wyoming USA

Teron is like no other practitioner I have ever worked with. He is passionate, masterful, and determined to ensure every client makes real progress within their sessions with him. He has developed a unique way of helping people, by offering many different approaches, and working to help the client decide what works best for them.

EW – Nelson BC

I love his approach and positive way of working with me. I am very pleased with how he guided me through the process of finding out what really makes me happy and what I really need in order to feel fulfilled. Teron is very professional and kind. I felt absolutely comfortable opening up to him and not being judged at all. I would recommend Teron to anyone I know.

AW – Salt Spring Island BC

Time spent with Teron was immediately very natural and rich with genuine qualities. The insight gained from being truly seen and heard was very validating and supportive. I have recommended Teron to others who have also learned something of themselves through a few sessions with a genuine and gifted human being. My experience with Teron was significant, deeply meaningful, and memorable. A healing turning point in such a gentle and kind way. Exactly what was needed.

CS – Salt Spring Island BC

My experience with Teron Wolf has been nothing short of brilliant and inspiring. My troubles run deep, and somehow he just knows the right things to say at the right time. The comfort I feel while spending two hours with him makes it all so inviting, and leaves me with a wonderful feeling of anticipation looking forward to my next visit… You will definitely laugh at least once on your visit, and then a lot more when you reach your goals with his guidance.

KB – Salt Spring Island BC

“A great tool for furthering self-discovery and personal growth.” (Getting CLEAR)

AC – Salt Spring Island BC

This work was a really big movement forward for me. I have never deeply explored such power. I really felt it was important to grasp what is mine and to let everyone know that it belongs to me.

BS – Fernwood BC, Youth Group Member

I have on many occasions worked with Teron on a personal level and in many groups professionally with regards to his expertise as a Healer, Counsellor and Spiritual Advisor. He has good leadership skills as well as being a team player. I find he is very connected at the soul level and highly gifted in working holistically in the healing profession.

Dr. Berte Marr, TCM – Victoria BC

Teron Wolf is a man of profound wisdom, gentle grace and unshakeable integrity. He has a unique gift that guides you into the deepest core of remembrance and the essence of being. It is from this place we experience the foundation of our empowerment and our truth.

Andreas A. – Calgary AB

After working with Teron, I am pain and symptom free… happier than I have ever been.

MK – Saanich BC

Your inner voice wants to tell you a secret. Teron will teach you how to hear it.

DL – Salt Spring Island BC

Teron is a direct channel through which the voice of wisdom is activated within you. His teachings will deepen your relationship with your self and others.

MG – Sidney BC

I have worked with Teron over the years with personal growth and values within the world of business and personal fulfillment. He teaches with simplicity, clarity and high integrity.

Michele Baker: Point to Point Accupressure & Reflexology – Colwood BC

Debilitating anxiety is no longer a part of my life.

RK – Victoria BC

… a beautiful soul. He carries the wisdom of the Universe in his heart.

PM – Victoria BC

His Counselling abilities, lighthearted and humorous nature, and his ability to be so present and personable with everyone he meets are all wonderful qualities for a healer. He helps others to heal with many different modalities, which is so beneficial depending on what modality a person really relates to and can benefit from.

DH – Salt Spring Island BC

Working with Teron has been a profound, life-changing experience. His Getting CLEAR process is an invaluable way to get in touch with the authentic self, and live a life with core truth and integrity. Powerful stuff for those who have the courage and commitment to be real.

RB – Salt Spring Island BC

Tonight was good for me. Tonight was grounding – reconnecting to an essence of my freedom, an essence of myself…

AS – Calgary AB, Youth Group Member

On Friday, Teron and his friend came to our class to do a presentation on sound. I learned that sound can actually change people’s emotions and can even heal them!

CS – Oak Bay BC, Grade 4/5 Class

…had a powerful healing – just from the song…

CV – Sunshine Coast BC, Soul Song Meditation

…in 15 minutes, my migrane was gone!

VM – Victoria BC

Teron is very intuitive, and sees & hears those places that are unsaid and brimming to come out and be revealed and healed. He questions you so you can access your own dilemma and then find your own solutions as well. It takes skill to encourage someone to do that. Trusting oneself is the essence. Yes, he does empower you to change your life.

NM – Salt Spring Island BC

Teron Wolf is a gifted Healer. His intent is clear, his mind is clear and sharp, and he brings a wide array of valuable healing skills to his art. Having witnessed him in action first-hand, and having seen the results of his work, I can happily attest to the quality of his services, and the positive impact he is having on his clients and the community as a whole. He is a great gift to our community, and I would recommend him to anyone who is looking to improve themselves from the inside – out.

JA – Salt Spring Island BC

(In gong meditations) It feels as if my entire being dissolves into billions of tiny pieces, then gets put back together again – but better!

EW – Victoria BC

I have been very un-open because it’s such a new experience but I really enjoyed this and now I want to do more of this kind of stuff!

KB – Victoria BC, Youth Group Member

When me and [my friend] play the gong, it makes me feel like a new person. I love the gong so, so, so much that if I had a million dollars, I would buy so, so, so many gongs. I would be so, so, so happy!

JR – James Bay BC, Age 7

You cannot leave unchanged.

LW – Victoria BC

When I hear him speak, I feel like I can do anything…

JD – Victoria BC

Working with Teron has changed my life.

MS – New Zealand