Abundance: Source, Limitations, Trust & Gratitude…

//Abundance: Source, Limitations, Trust & Gratitude…

Abundance: Source, Limitations, Trust & Gratitude…

As a kid, I don’t know that I ever had an awareness of abundance, at least, not as I would define it today. My mother & step-father had lots of ‘stuff’, but theirs was an extremely dysfunctional relationship – lacking in all the things that are benchmarks of true abundance: love, trust, honesty, gentleness, kindness, compassion, health, growth, and so on…


Among other things, my step-father had some serious substance abuse issues, and struggled to find & keep any kind of viable employment. So, by all appearances, we lived large & well. But in reality – our house was full of dissonance, abuse, scarcity thinking (especially around food) and the constant threat of losing our home and possessions. If I really think about it, I suppose what I learned about abundance from my childhood is this:


All the money & material things in the world will not make a person happy, a family functional, or a relationship healthy. – Whatever you ‘own’ can be taken from you at any time. – People lie. Just because someone appears to have everything, it doesn’t mean they actually do. They are probably just as scared, hurt, and confused as you are.


The core belief that developed for me, from all of this can be expressed as follows: ” I would rather be poor and happy, than rich and miserable.”


I have no illusions that being poor will make me happy, or that being rich will make me miserable. It’s more of an understanding that true abundance is not rooted in financial or material wealth. True abundance is found in wealth of spirit, heart, body and mind. The messages I received about abundance in childhood were pretty messed up, but in the end, they served to teach me a greater truth:


Contrary to what many of us have been told, abundance does not come from the bank, or your job, or your parents, friends, or children. It does not come from your career, or your degree, or your charisma, or your charm.


Abundance springs from one source only – the infinite, eternal, limitless Universe.


When we are able to connect with this remembrance; when we remember that we are one with All That Is; when we remember that there is no separation between us and everything else in existence; when we remember that we ARE the Universe – we establish a direct line to abundance.


Whatever we can think, dream or imagine ALREADY exists. We have only to clear the way so that it can find us.


Fortunately, more and more of us are consciously living our lives from a place of abundance – believing always, that the Universe will provide. Occasionally though, we all fall prey to fear-based, scarcity thinking.


In these moments, we have to remind ourselves to make decisions and take action as though there is nothing to fear. We have to release the illusion of separation from the Source. We have to renew our trust and faith in the Universe to provide for us, everything that we need.


Abundance is limited in our lives when we perceive ourselves as separate from the Source/Universe; when we forget that we are, in fact – the Universe manifest in human form.


Abundance is limited in our lives when we attach ourselves to a specific method or manner in which we expect abundance to find us; when we neglect to look for and find abundance in unexpected and surprising places; when we do not allow ourselves to own the full scope of our dreams and talents; when we allow fear, and separation from the Source to determine our course of action; when we allow others’ voices to ring louder or truer than our own. Abundance is limited in our lives wherever, and whenever we block the flow.


When we make decisions from a place of fear and scarcity thinking – we engage the energy of fear and scarcity. When we engage the energy of fear and scarcity – we create more fear and scarcity. But when we make decisions from a place of faith and abundance – we open the floodgates to more faith and abundance. An example from my past comes to mind:


There was a time in my life when I had very little, in terms of financial and material wealth. I was a single parent of 2 small children, barely making ends meet. One afternoon, I was at the local Mercantile, purchasing some basic necessities for my kids. Having combed the shelves for whichever foodstuffs I could make last the longest, at the least expense, I had just finished my purchase & was tucking my very last $5 into my pocket. When I say my very last $5, I really mean it. I had no savings, no credit cards, no material possessions of any value, no friends or relatives I could call upon for help when the money ran out. And… I had another 2 weeks to go before I would see another dime come in from my earnings. While standing at the till, I observed a young woman and her daughter engaged in a discussion about fruit leather. The little girl really, really wanted one. The mother was trying to explain that she couldn’t have one because they didn’t have enough money to afford it. What did I do? I walked right up to that mother, and handed her my very last $5, so her little girl could have some fruit leather.


My thinking went something along the lines of “…well, $5 isn’t going to get me through the next 2 weeks anyway, so it will do more good bringing some joy to a little girl today… besides, the Universe is looking after me and I absolutely believe that my girls and I will somehow be provided with everything we need… I know that money is just a form of energy… I trust that we will find more energy… not only will we be ok, but we will have generated more positive energy in the world by doing this good thing…”


By opening to the flow of energy; by trusting the Universe to provide everything we need; by aligning ourselves with the energy of abundance – we create more abundance.


In this case, the little girl and her mother got to experience more abundance in their lives that day, and to my delight – a few days later, I received an unexpected payment in the mail – more than enough to carry my little family through until my next pay day. This is just one example, but I have experienced enough of this phenomenon in my life that I have no doubt that living live from a place of abundance generates abundance in your life.


In general, my life today is pretty abundant in all the ways that matter most to me. I have a beautiful, intelligent, loving wife, and two amazing daughters who are growing up to be even more amazing women. I have 2 dogs who adore me. I live in a beautiful home, on a beautiful island, in a beautiful ocean, in a beautiful world. I have access to clean water, fresh air and healthy food. I have time for work both work and play. I have awareness of how to keep myself healthy, and access to health care when/if I need a hand. I have access to enough information to keep me learning for the rest of my life. The list goes on and on…


If there were anything I would like to work on creating more of, it would be to welcome more new people and experiences into my life. The more people I can create & share abundance with, the more abundance we can all experience in the world. Not to mention, I might even make a few new friends in the process, and I love to make new friends!



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