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The spirit always finds a pathway...
If you find a deer trail and follow that trail,
it's going to lead you to medicines, and waterholes, and a shelter.

Wallace Black Elk

Counselling & Breakthroughs to Expand Your MIND

This service qualifies for FAIR FEES!


Should you decide to work with me, there are a lot of ways in which the work we do together will be unique. There are a few elements in particular however, that make this work so very effective and inspiring!

The first element is PRESENCE. If you are here, it is because you know you can benefit from meaningful, effective support, and you understand the power that comes with joining forces to create the reality you want. You deserve to work with someone who is as dedicated to your success as you are. When I show up for you, I show up completely. I give you my 150%. No exceptions.

The second element is FOCUS. Whatever it is that has inspired you to get in touch, the time we spend together will be built around a singular focus. That focus is your empowerment. Every question, every insight, every realization, moves you toward being more fully empowered; fully embodied in your authentic self; fully present in your life & relationships; walking in truth; acting with integrity; and greeting life with confidence, joy and enthusiasm.

The third element is VERSATILITYYou may have already experienced the phenomenon of getting ‘stuck’ in certain patterns, or at certain points in your evolution. We humans are experts at deflecting precisely the changes we most need! My training is extensive & ongoing. With such a diverse and expansive set of tools available for every session – if you’re not answering the front door (so to speak), we can scoot around and get in through an open window. You’ll be amazed at what we can discover simply by engaging the element of surprise!

The fourth element is TIME. I dedicate a full two hours to every session we spend together. This means that when you hit that powerful breakthrough point at around 45 minutes to an hour, instead of cutting you off right when things are getting good – we stay with the process until it reaches its natural conclusion, usually at around the two hour mark!

Sound good?

Below are some of the many techniques my Happy Clients have benefited from, via Individual or Couples Counselling. You do not have to choose one. All of these and more are available to you as part of any Counselling session, and can be combined with those listed on other pages, to meet your individual preferences and needs.

Courageous Conversations

We all need a place to go with our questions. We need someone we can have the hard conversations with; someone we can talk to about the things that make us feel embarrassed, or confused, or ridiculous, or grief-stricken or afraid. In Courageous Conversation, no topic is taboo. No experience is ‘wrong’. No question, idea, or concept is ridiculous, trivial, stupid, or rude. In Courageous Conversation, you can explore your personal experiences, stories, ideas and expression in a safe, non-judgemental space. Courageous Conversation does away with judgement, shame & retribution, and gives you permission to speak freely once again.

Do not fear mistakes –
there are none.
Miles Davis

Emotional Intelligence Coaching

People with high emotional intelligence tend to experience stronger, healthier, happier relationships; greater physical & mental health; lower levels of stress & anxiety; and greater success in whatever they do. Emotional Intelligence coaching can help you learn to rapidly reduce stress – especially in the heat of the moment; become more emotionally aware & improve your relationships; improve non-verbal communication; use humor & play to deal with challenges; resolve conflict positively, and more!

It’s amazing how once the mind is free of emotional pollution
logic and clarity emerge.
Clyde Dsouza

Higher Thought Counselling

What if it is true that you already contain within you, the very thing you seek?
Higher Thought Counselling helps you elevate your thinking beyond knee-jerk reactions, habitual responses, and cycles of emotion that can keep you stuck. It helps you clear memories, blockages, patterns & pain so you can live more fully in the present. It helps you learn to consider possibilities, approaches and implications in a more evolved way.
Re-claim your power, as you connect with the idea that when you take 100% RESPONSIBILITY for everything you think, say, do, create, support, or allow – you gain 100% ABILITY to change the condition of your life!

The significant problems we have cannot be solved
at the same level of thinking with which we created them.
Albert Einstein

Guided Visualization & Self-Communication

Whatever we create in our lives, we create in our minds first. Visualization & Self-Communication can help you access information and possibilities not commonly available in everyday thinking. Visualization & Self-Communicatin allow you to access this information from an open, receptive state of mind – sometimes referred to as non-ordinary reality. Through Visualization & Self-Communication, you can access the clarity and energy necessary to translate these insights into manifested reality.

Every moment of your life is infinitely creative
And the universe is endlessly bountiful.
Just put forth a clear enough request,
And everything your heart desires must come to you.
Shakti Gawain

Mantras & Mantra Disciplines

A mantra is essentially, a sound, word, phrase or vibration that encapsulates the energy and intention one wishes to manifest. Mantras can be used to enter meditative states; to connect with spirit; to quiet our minds; to firmly seat new concepts, ideas, beliefs, behaviors, and ways of being in the world; and more… Mantras can become a powerful tool in our personal transformations, as well as a great comfort in times of challenge.

You see, things are always created twice:
first in the workshop of the mind
and then, and only then,
in reality.
Robin Sharma

Meditation & Awareness Practices

People who meditate regularly typically experience less stress, greater clarity, better sleep, improved health & cognitive functioning, increased creativity, and more. With all that mental real estate freed up, how could you not? And yet, many of us don’t meditate because we are under the mistaken impression that meditating requires us to sit still & silent for long periods of time, or that we have to learn special postures, or control our minds in ways that frankly, don’t sound very comfortable… What if someone told you that these are only some approaches to meditating, and that you could actually learn to meditate in ways that are comfortable and easy for you? Would you give it a try?

He who lives in harmony with himself,
lives in harmony with the universe.
Marcus Aurelius

Shamanic Guidance & Soul Retrieval

Sometimes, there is immense wisdom & power in taking an alternate view of our world, ourselves, and our struggles. Shamanic practices allow us to access what is commonly called ‘non-ordinary reality’. In non-ordinary reality, we can discover healing, insights, solutions and information that we may not be able to access in our every day lives. These practices connect us with ourselves in a deep, holistic way, encourage us to trust our connection to ‘all that is’, and teach us to engage creative solutions to our problems.

There are only two ways to live your life.
One is as though nothing is a miracle.
The other is as though everything is a miracle.
Albert Einstein.

Art Therapy

One of the most effective ways to process energy and emotions is to express them in some creative form. Be it joy, pain, sorrow, contemplation, or chaos – Art Therapy creates a space for you to express what is going on inside you. It also teaches you how to use what you create to further your understanding of yourself and your processes. Because Art Therapy is process rather than result oriented, you can completely let go of worrying about what your creation looks like, focusing instead on how it feels…

Why should we all use our creative power?
Because there’s nothing that makes people so generous, joyful, bold and compassionate,
so indifferent to fighting and the accumulation of objects and money.
Brenda Ueland


The foundational principle for EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique is that all unwanted emotion stems from a disruption in the body’s energy system. Instead of treating memories as the direct cause of unwanted emotion, EFT acknowledges that some memories can cause disruptions in our energy. When we correct these disruptions, we resolve the emotions an/or physical symptoms that have evolved from them. EFT/Tapping combines gentle ‘taps’ on specific meridian points in the body with identifying statements that help us to correct the disruptions in our energy systems. EFT is a gentle, non-invasive process that can have a profound, lasting effect.

You don’t have to solve it,
only evolve it!
Silvia Hartmann

Mind Mapping

One of the first places many of us get stuck in considering our lives or decisions we need to make, is at the place of trying to determine the best choice, the clearest direction, the most profitable probability. Mind Mapping is a simple technique to help you gain clarity on what you need and how to get it. By helping you identify common ideas, themes, and patterns, Mind Mapping can easily pave the way to a more satisfying, productive, successful life.

He who knows others is wise’
He who knows himself is enlightened.

Getting CLEAR: Self-Realization & Empowerment Training

After years of working with self-help and success strategies that just didn’t ‘stick’, I set out to find the missing link. What I discovered is that a very simple, yet immensely important question needed to be asked, and that the answer to this question can change the game entirely – launching you into a whole new relationship with yourself and the world around you…

To learn more about Getting CLEAR, please CLICK HERE

*There is a Package Fee for this 3 day Starter Intensive. Additional sessions are required in order to complete the full program. Follow-up sessions ONLY, are included in the Fair Fees schedule.

The greatest revolution in our generation is the discovery that human beings,
by changing the inner attitudes of their minds,
can change the outer aspects of their lives.
William James

Life is a purposeful action.

  • – Asa Don Brown