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Sound has the power to circumvent our conscious focus of attention;
to soothe us, to relax us, to heal us,
to remind us who we are.

Teron Wolf

Crystal Singing Bowl Meditations & Healing

Whether you’re experiencing the Crystal Singing Bowls for the first time, or the hundred and first time, once you’ve experienced one of our meditations, you’ll never want to miss another one!

It is said that the sound frequencies of Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls are some of the most healing frequencies on earth. Dr. Mitchell Gaynor states “Sound can redress imbalances on every level of physiologic functioning… We become tranquil, and our muscles relax, our breathing and heart rate slows, our blood pressure decreases, and our brain waves take on characteristic patterns of relaxation… One reason sound heals on a physical level is because it so deeply touches and transforms us on the emotional and spiritual planes.”

These tranquil, two-hour sessions are designed for relaxation and healing as you drift into stillness & allow the gentle sound of these restorative vibrations to carry you away.

Each session starts with an inspiring reading from the Mayan Oracle, which is followed by over an hour of gently resonating, and deeply nurturing crystal singing bowls. Once you’ve returned from your beautiful journey, we round out the experience with either quietude or sharing, over a cup of herbal tea.

In addition to pure enjoyment, our guests have also reported experiencing stress relief & relaxation, reduction of pain & inflammation, increased immune function, improved healing responses, relief from depression & anxiety, increased focus & improved productivity, cessation or improvement of sleep disorders & insomnia, physical healing of illness, injury & disease, enhanced energy, clearer thought processing, spiritual revelations & communications, and more.

These gentle vibrations affect us on all levels simultaneously, and help us to restore, rebalance, reprogram and rejuvenate. Whether we view the Singing Bowls from the perspective of healing and relaxation, or purely as a pleasant sound experience – we can’t help but be inspired by them!

We offer Fully Private sessions for 1-2 people, Private Group sessions for 3-6 people, and Large Group sessions for your enjoyment.

No matter which option you choose, your first time won’t be your last!

* We are currently on tour across Canada with TANDMGems. If you would like to treat yourself or your group to one of these very special sessions, or you would like us to be part of your special event, please contact us via email or check the CALENDAR to find the #GemMobile and discover what we’re up to in your area! We often visit yoga centres, conferences, places of business and other locations/events to bring the very special energy of the Crystal Singing Bowls to you! 

*If we’re not already on our way to your community, or you don’t see a scheduled event while we’re there, please Contact Teron to make a request. We’re always on the move and looking for great new people and places to discover & connect with!  

Fully Private Session

  • $180 1-2 people 2hrs

Private Group Session

  • $240 3-6 people 2hrs

Large Group Session

  • $240 (first 6) +$30/person (7+) 2hrs
“Teron’s Singing Bowl concerts are a truly magical experience! He creates a delightfully warm and wonderful environment for his audience. He has an unparalleled ability to ‘get out of the way’, allowing the pure energy of the here and now to guide his playing. The result is a magically transformative experience of deep introspection which leads his listeners to new insights within the boundless internal landscape. Highly recommended for those serious about learning more about themselves.”