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The drum is the Great Spirit's favourite instrument.
That is why we were given a heartbeat.
Mano, Navajo Elder

“One of the most powerful aspects of drumming, and the reason people have done it since the beginning of being human, is that it changes people’s consciousness. Through rhythmic repetition of ritual sounds, the body, the brain and the nervous system are energized and transformed.” -Layne Redmond

The practice of drumming for healing, insight, and discovery is as old as humanity itself. Drumming for extended periods gives us an opportunity to sink deep into layers of consciousness that we may not typically access. These two-hour sessions are designed for those who want to reach far and wide in their journeys into self and spirit as you simply sink into yourself & allow these powerful yet gentle vibrations to carry you inward – as far as you wish to go.

Each session starts with an inspiring reading from the Mayan Oracle, which is followed by over an hour of rhythmic, resonant drumming with a sacred, deer-hide drum. Once you’ve returned from your beautiful journey, we round out the experience with either quietude or sharing, over a cup of herbal tea.

Our guests have reported experiences of deep relaxation & feelings of happiness, physical healing of illness, injury & disease, increased self-awareness, understanding & resolution of long-standing issues, spiritual revelations & connectedness, epiphanies, creative insights, and more…

We offer Fully Private sessions for 1-2 people, Private Group sessions for 3-6 people, and Large Group sessions for your enjoyment.

* We are currently on tour across Canada with TANDMGems. If you would like to treat yourself or your group to one of these very special sessions, or you would like us to be part of your special event, please contact us via email or check the CALENDAR to find the #GemMobile and discover what we’re up to in your area! We often visit yoga centres, conferences, places of business and other locations/events to bring the very special energy of Deep Drumming to you! 

*If we’re not already on our way to your community, or you don’t see a scheduled event while we’re there, please Contact Teron to make a request. We’re always on the move and looking for great new people and places to discover & connect with!  

Fully Private Session

  • $180 1-2 people 2hrs

Private Group Session

  • $240 3-6 people 2hrs

Large Group Session

  • $240 (first 6) + $30/person (7+) 2hrs