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I used to think that people fell into one of three groups:
those who don't believe in anything beyond their basic 5 senses;
those who are open to the possibility that there might be something more,
and those who believe there's something more.

Yet suddenly I find myself in a fourth, smaller group:
those who know there is something more.

Dr. Eric Pearl

Energy Work & Healing to Nourish Your BODY

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A skeptic I love once asked me to explain how this whole ‘energy & healing thing’ works, and why, if it is for real, he doesn’t see it.

He’s a wine guy, so my answer went something like this:

Anyone can drink a glass of wine. A glass of wine is so commonplace, there is almost no question of its existence. Any Joe, Jane or Jesse can drop 6 bucks at a liquor store & walk out with a bottle. If you are simply buying wine for the sake of buying wine, the particulars are of little consequence.

Someone who takes a recreational interest in wine, might spend a bit more time & effort getting to know their stuff. They might learn something of differences in quality, brewing methods, aging, and the effects of different types of barrels.

A Sommelier however, is a Master of wine. S/he has dedicated her/himself to learning to identify the specific types of grapes used in a wine, what region those grapes were grown in, the vintage of a wine, and all sorts of other information. These experts can sense flavors and notes, simply by nosing a glass. They are tuned into subtleties the rest of us may not have even begun to be aware of…


Similarly, anyone can have a body. Bodies are so commonplace, there is almost no question of their existence. Any Joe, Jane or Jesse can inhabit a body. If you are simply walking around in a body, the particulars are of little consequence.

Someone who takes a recreational interest in their body, might spend a bit more time & effort getting to know their stuff. They might learn something of how to nourish, exercise and care for it. They might feed it some vitamins and try to get it to relax once in a while.

A professional Energy Expert however, is a Master of the body. S/he has dedicated her/himself to learning to identify specific types of imbalances and disturbances in different regions of the body; as well as deficiencies, excesses, blockages, and all sorts of other information. These experts can sense resistance and responses, simply by turning their attention to them. They are tuned into subtleties the rest of us may not have even begun to be aware of…

My dedication began when I was a young child. It will undoubtedly continue until I am a very old man.

Below are some of the many techniques my Happy Clients have tried & loved. You do not have to choose one. All of these and more are available to you as part of any Healing session, and can be combined with those listed on other pages, to meet your individual preferences and needs.

Chakra Balancing & Infinity Loop Attunements

Chakras are focal points and generators of energy and power in the body & energy field. Often described as wheels, disks or mandalas, each of these points is associated with particular organs, functions and stages of evolution in body, mind and spirit. Chakra Balancing & Infinity Loop Attunements address excesses, deficiencies, congestion, and disconnection in these energy centres – restoring the system to a balanced state. When these energy centres are balanced and their energy is flowing smoothly, we tend to be more balanced, healthier, happier, energized and peaceful as well.

There is deep wisdom within our very flesh,
if only we can come to our senses and feel it.
Elizabeth A. Behnke

Crystal Healing & Gridwork

For thousands of years, people have looked to the magic, mystery and presence of rocks, gems, and crystals for healing, wisdom and insight. We have used them in ceremonies, given them as gifts, held them up as symbols of commitment, wealth, and power… In Crystal Healing & Gridwork, rocks, minerals and crystals are applied to the energy field, placed in contact with the body, or used in elixir formulas to support healing, insight and empowerment. The stones called into use are determined based on alignment between your unique energies & needs, and the specific properties of the particular crystal or stone.

Recognize what is in your sight,
and that which is hidden from you
will become plain to you.
the Nag Hammadi Library

Energy Alignment

At some point, we all experience the frustration of working really, really hard at something and not getting the results we are hoping for. Often, this is because our energy is out of alignment with our intention. Imagine that you are setting out to drive from Vancouver to Toronto. All the preparation in the world won’t save you from driving off-course, if your GPS is on the blink! Energy Alignment helps get your navigation system functioning properly, so you can make it to your destination with ease.

“When your energy vibrates at a frequency that is in direct alignment
with what the universe has been trying to deliver your entire life,
you begin to live in the flow, and true miracles start to happen.”
Panache Desai

Golden Ratio Attunements

Simply put, the Golden Ratio is a mathematical concept that is used to describe a ratio that occurs frequently in nature, and is often viewed as a fundamental characteristic of the Universe, or built in numbering system to the cosmos. The Golden Ratio gives rise to growth, harmony, order and beauty. It is seen in flowers, shells, galaxies, weather phenomenon, reproductive dynamics, migration patterns, animals, human bodies, and DNA. By connecting specific meridian & energy points in the body, Golden Ratio Attunements activate this deeply embedded organic coding to return the physical, energetic, emotional and spiritual bodies to their state of natural order. In remembering our natural state, we are often able to effortlessly release those things that have distanced us from it.

The wisest and noblest teacher
is nature itself.
Leonardo daVinciDsouza

Hands-on-Healing & Quantum Energetics

Light, sound, and information – these are the building blocks of life, matter and consciousness as we know them. Hands-on-Healing & Quantum Energetics are zero to light contact approaches to healing, affording direct access to infinite possibility as explored in quantum physics. When working these methods, the practitioner acts as a conduit, tuning-in to quantum energies, and holding the space of you to enter your own personal communication with the quantum field/universe. This work addresses all levels of healing simultaneously: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Because these frequencies are precisely attuned to you as you invite the healing, every experience is unique. Some common occurrences are: marked improvement or total healing from symptoms and/or dis-ease; increased energy and vitality; evolved perception of light and information; deepened sense of peace and relaxation; and more…

Nothing we ever imagined is beyond our power,
only beyond our present self-knowledge.
Theodore Rozak

Reconnective Healing & the Reconnection

Discovered & developed by Dr. Eric Pearl, Reconnective Healing & the Reconnection help us return to an optimal state of health and balance.

To learn more about Reconnective Healing & the Reconnection, please CLICK HERE.
*Reconnective Healing & the Reconnection are considered Accelerated Learning & Enhancement services, and are exempt from the Fair Fees schedule. Please see the Fees page for more information.

Reconnective Healing, above all else,
is a way of remembering the healing power that exists in all of us,
power that is as available and easy as taking a breath.”
Minnie Driver

Shamanic Guidance & Healing

Every one of us is capable of attaining direct access to wisdom and healing through the spirit realm. Through Shamanic Guidance & Healing, you can learn to recognize and understand the language of plants, animals, elements & elementals. Working directly with your guardians and guides to manifest your highest potential, you can facilitate immediate healing and empowerment for yourself and those around you.

We are born into the world of nature;
our second birth is into the world of spirit.
the lord Krishna, from the Bhagavad Gita

Sound Therapy & Healing

Life is energy. Energy is vibration. Vibration is sound. Through the application of specific sounds, rhythms, and frequencies to the physical and emotional bodies, powerful healing can occur. In Sound Therapy & Healing, a combination of visual, energetic, and vocal scanning techniques is used to identify areas of your body where pain, illness, cellular memory or unbalanced emotion is concentrated. Specific to your individual energetic field – harmony, resonance, and vibration are generated, re-ballancing these energies and bringing forth release, healing, and return to peace.

The knower of the mystery of sound
knows the mystery of the whole universe.
Sufi Master Hazrat Inayat Khan

Trigger Point Therapy & Therapeutic Touch

Trigger Point Therapy & Therapeutic touch both encourage the release of challenging and harmful energies from your system, allowing you to experience deep relaxation and healing for body, mind and soul. Physical and emotional tension and dis-ease are relieved through gentle relaxation techniques, and trigger-point release. This is a safe, gentle, and effective way to infuse your system with the healing power of touch – an essential element of human health and wellness.

Healing is a matter of time,
but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity.
Hippocrates, Precepts, Ch.

The wound is the place where the light enters you.

  • – Rumi