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My Magpie and I have been talking lately, about the need for more places where men & women can come together to explore our experiences and learn to appreciate & understand one another on a deeper level.

We’ve been talking about how we each feel out of balance when we participate in groups & activities that are gender or special interest group specific – like we’re engaging only half of the discussion that is necessary if we are to truly become whole.

We’ve been asking the question: How can we create more spaces where humans can deepen our respect, honoring & understanding of ourselves & one another – free from segregation based on gender, sexuality, ability, race, religion, ethnicity, creed or any of the other divisions that separate us from one another?

To that end, we are calling together a group of people who are genuinely committed to exploring the edges of our comfort zones and sharing our experiences as men, women & everything else that makes us who we are.


These Courageous Conversations are to unfold under the auspices of:










Together, we will create a safe, non-judgmental space where humans can explore our personal experiences, stories, expressions and ideas alongside others who are genuinely committed to respectful communication, discussion, exploration, deep listening, and mutual support.

Together, we will ask difficult questions, bear witness to one another’s stories, and say things like “I disagree”, “I’m not sure”, “I’ve changed my mind”, “I was wrong”, and “I’m sorry”, while being constantly accepted, supported, listened to, and loved.

Together we will create opportunities to consider ideas that are unpopular, challenging or strange – embarking on the journey because it’s fun, and interesting, and it helps us grow.

Together, we will learn to speak – not to defend, coerce or convince.

Together, we will learn to listen – not to respond, retaliate or reply.

Together, we will learn to speak & to listen so that we may share, explore, evolve, embrace, connect and understand.


Beginning in February 2015, Courageous Conversations will take place on the last Sunday of every month.

In an effort to safeguard the privacy, process & integrity of the group, participants are required to review, sign & abide by a formal Confidentiality Agreement & Code of Conduct.

If you are interested in participating in this group, please contact Teron via the email form located at the bottom of this page & RSVP below.


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