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Do you have recurring challenges in your life, work or relationships that you would like to resolve for good? Do you want to get off the perpetual hamster wheel and start making real progress toward your goals?  Do you want to quit secretly wondering if there is something wrong with you, and instead, move through life with a solid sense of your inherent rightness?

If you answered “yes”to any of these questions, then it is time for you to Get Clear!


Getting Clear is an easy way to identify and understand the difference between what you think you want, and what you actually want.

Getting Clear helps you understand what you are truly motivated by, so you can better appreciate why you need the things you do.

Getting Clear helps you identify your core truths, so you can move forward in life with authenticity, integrity, clarity and confidence.

Getting Clear helps you unravel the stories that are running in the background of your consciousness, so that you can make choices & take action from a place of Empowered Awareness.

Getting Clear can dramatically improve your life, work & relationships. In fact, once you’ve learned how, you can Get Clear on just about any question, challenge or possibility for happiness life can throw at you!


Here’s what two people who have recently completed Getting Clear have to say:

“I have recently gone through “Getting Clear” with Teron and found it transformative. Personal and professional blockages were cleared. Also I feel absolutely more charged up and inspired to pursue my goals and passions. Despite doing a lot of personal development work through the years and having an excellent life coach, I was surprised to discover what I needed to bring more of into my life and what I needed to remove from it. Teron brings deep insight and compassion in his “Getting Clear” process. I recommend everyone go out to the workshop to learn more about it! Whether you feel fairly clear already or are totally lost, this is for you.”
-Dr. Patrick Callas, ND 

“Teron’s “Getting Clear” workshop was very enlightening. I did it over Skype with him as I live in Ontario. It left me with a feeling of knowing who I really am and a better understanding of how some of my choices in life have affected the outcome of many things. I now have a tool that will guide me through my thought processes in any new decisions in the future. Highly recommended!”
-Lauren H. 


Developed and taught by Teron Wolf, Getting Clear can be used by anyone, and is a powerful tool to have on hand as you navigate the inevitable twists and turns of life. It is a tool you can call on time & time again to Get Clear – in life, work, relationships & decision making. It is a tool that can be used by individuals, couples and groups alike. Perhaps best of all… it is proven, effective and easy to learn & use.


If this sounds like a good investment of a few hours of your time, join Teron for a fun & insightful afternoon and start Getting Clear!


Please bring a lunch & whatever you need to be comfortable. Tea will be provided!


*Bring a friend & join this workshop at a bonus rate!

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