Exploring Abundance – Day 1 (original post at twolfblogspot.tumblr.com)

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Exploring Abundance – Day 1 (original post at twolfblogspot.tumblr.com)

Abundance is a state of the soul. I exist in a state of abundance when I am in conscious and unconscious connection with “All That Is” – when I remember that the only true source of abundance is the Universe itself. It is from the Universe that abundance flows. The Universe knows exactly what I need, and is ever and always ready to provide it for me. My job is to open myself to the flow of abundance from the Universe, so that whatever I need can find its way to me. This may include financial or material needs, but it is much, much broader in scope. True abundance encompasses my entire being, and cares for all of my spiritual, emotional, and intellectual needs; as well as the physical ones. The Universe is limitless, infinite, and eternal. As such, true abundance, with the Universe as its source, is free from limitations.

I experience the most abundance in my life in the areas that I give the most care and attention to. This is especially true when the attention I give these areas is informed by an ever-present awareness that the Universe is taking care of me, and providing everything I need.

I am 100% responsible for the choices I make, and the way that I feel. To experience more abundance in my life, I choose to focus my time and attention on what is important to me. I let go of fear. I make decisions, and take action based on what is right for me, rather than on what I think might happen if I don’t do what I believe is expected by someone else. I remember that I have been specifically created to fulfil a purpose that only I can fulfil. I do what inspires & moves me, and trust that the Universe has made me this way for a reason – even if I do not fully understand what that reason is. I  remember that so long as I remain open to the flow of the Universe; as long as I trust; as long as I continue to let go of my narrow, short-sighted definitions of what abundance ‘should’ look like; as long as I stay out of my own way – the Universe can, and will, continue to provide.



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