All knowledge is worth having.
There is no such thing as useless information.
Information makes familiar the unfamiliar,
and empowers us to make informed choices in our lives.

Teron Wolf

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutley. Yes. I also have extensive experience & education in this area, so you’ll be speaking with someone who is both accepting and informed.

Over many years of practice, I have seen time and time again that it is almost always at the 45 minute to 1 hour mark that the magic really starts to happen. Rather than shut everything down just as you are having an ‘aha’ moment, or about to experience a breakthrough, we remain engaged until your process reaches its natural conclusion – usually around the 2 hour mark. This gives you the opportunity to experience the resolutions that will afford you deeper healing and integration.

The beauty of the integrated Body, Mind, Spirit approach is that you don’t have to!

The Body, Mind and Spirit are not separate from one another. It is imperative to engage healing on all of these levels so that you can truly transform.

Each Counselling, Healing, or Spiritual Support session is an organic integration of whichever approaches are best suited to you at the time of your session.

Aligning each session with your energy in the moment allows us to address what is actually going on at the time, and gives you every opportunity to find something that works!

Because I am travelling, all sessions currently take place online. If you are interested in seeing me in-person, check out my tour schedule with TANDMGems, and consider signing up for one of our amazing workshops or events. In-person sessions can be booked as follow-up, while we are in your area.

Your session will be 2 hours in duration (with a few exceptions), and pre-payment is required.

Prior to your session, you will need to send me an invitation on either WhatsApp, FB Video Messenger, or Skype. At the time of our session, I will message you to know that I am ready for you to initiate our call.

Once the session begins, we will take a few minutes to settle in and discuss what it is that you hope to accomplish during your visit.

If you have chosen an Integrated Counselling, Healing or Spiritual Support session, we will transition quite naturally into the full 2 hours. We may spend the entire session in conversation, or we may experiment with different modalities. Either way, we will move fluidly through whichever modalities are required as your process unfolds.

If you have chosen an Accelerated Learning or Enhancement session, we will move from identifying your goals, into the specific modality you have decided to focus on for the day. The length of these sessions & consultations varies depending on the specific service you have selected. Details will be provided when you book your appointment.

I studied at University of Guelph and University of Victoria. My most inspired learning however, has always taken place in independent study, where I can work at an accelerated pace and push the limits of what is possible. I like to really dig my teeth into my subject matter, and I love to discover meaningful connections in unconventional ways!

I sure do! Gift Certificates are available for most services, and are priced per my current fee schedule.
Simply click HERE and fill out the contact form. I would love to hear from you!