Human Test Subjects Needed!

//Human Test Subjects Needed!

Human Test Subjects Needed!


Who wants to join me in an experiment?


For years now, I have set my private rates for Counseling, Healing & Spiritual Support services according to standards in the industry. At the same time, I have wrestled with the question of how to develop a fee schedule that is fair and considerate of what each individual is reasonably able to pay.


Most of us have at some point had the had the experience of working hard, yet still earning less than a living wage, or just squeaking past the poverty line. Heck, my own kids are just starting out on their own –  and they couldn’t afford my services if they had to pay for them..!


The other day, I had an inspiration:


What if I simply leveled the playing field? What if every client paid for services in accordance with the amount they get paid? What if I did away with the hierarchy of value that is attached to the work we do, and actively embraced the idea that our time and expertise are equally valuable – whether we brew coffee, build houses, settle law-suits, perform surgeries, or own FaceBook..?


To that end, I have decided to try something radically new!


For the month of December, when you schedule a private Counseling, Healing or Spiritual Support session, or when you purchase a Gift Certificate – you pay me the same amount you earn per hour – from a minimum of $15/hr per 2 hour session, to whatever greater amount you earn! No questions asked.


Under this unique model, when you are in abundance – you get to share that abundance. And when you experience hardship, or while you are still building your success – the rest of us can help you carry the load…


Life doesn’t happen in a straight line. Join me in making this trial a success that can carry on for years to come. If it works, I’ll keep it going!


Let’s make change together!


NOTE: Each personalized session is approximately 2 hours in duration. This may seem like a long time, but over the years I have consistently found that it is at around the 45 minute to an hour mark that the magic really starts to happen! Choosing to stay with your process until it is complete – usually around the 2 hour mark – brings you deeper healing and integration.


Please share… Someone you you care about could be waiting for exactly this kind of opportunity!

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About the Author:

Teron Wolf is a gifted Counselor, Healer & Spiritual Advisor offering Integrated Healing for Mind, Body & Spirit. He facilitates Private Sessions (Skype available), Immersion Retreats, Workshops, Classes, and Crystal Singing Bowl & Gong Meditations from his home studio in beautiful British Columbia. Teron learned at a very young age, that every challenge in his life was an opportunity to learn something about himself and the world around him. He is passionate about empowering people of all ages. He writes because hopes something you read will move you, and because the urge simply won’t leave him alone!