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Only a species whose time sensibility has been captured by instruments of artificial measure
could have become so alienated as to have produced the montrous conundrum
known as the 'fast world';
a civilization where money and technology advance
prevail over human sensibility and the natural order.
Jose Arguelles

Mayan Cosmology, Dreamspell & Birth Charts

From the day we are born it seems, our lives are governed by time, and yet… we seldom consider the implications of all this scheduling. Rarely do we contemplate the deeper, more subtle effects, and the manner in which our relationship to time affects the very foundation of who we are and how we function in the world.

Mayan Cosmology, and Dreamspell 13 Moon Timekeeping are windows through which you can develop appreciation of your personal relationship with time, and begin to understand the profound effect Gregorian calendar programming has on shaping your life and perceptions.

Through this fascinating lens, you can:

* Understand how seasonal, geographical, planetary, and evolutionary influences affect your life and relationships.
* Expand your awareness by becoming attuned to natural cycles of time – regulated by the earth, moon, sun, stars, and seasons.
* Learn about ancient Mayan archetypes, and understand their relevance in emotional, spiritual, physiological, and developmental cycles.
* Identify your Mayan Birth Glyph and learn how to maximize this energy for your greatest good.
* Discover glyph teachings – including mudras, mantras, meditations, and affirmations you can use daily to reconnect to what is truly meaningful and important in your life.

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