Own Two Feet by Emilaea Woodwolf

//Own Two Feet by Emilaea Woodwolf

Own Two Feet by Emilaea Woodwolf

Emilaea Woodwolf

Own Two Feet...

This beauty is my daughter. She wrote and recorded this song when she was 13 years old. The message is one I think everyone needs to hear. It inspires me to this day, and this piece has become a kind of ‘theme song’ for me, especially in my counselling & healing work. Have a listen!

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Teron Wolf is a gifted Counselor, Healer & Spiritual Advisor offering Integrated Healing for Mind, Body & Spirit. He facilitates Private Sessions (Skype available), Immersion Retreats, Workshops, Classes, and Crystal Singing Bowl & Gong Meditations from his home studio in beautiful British Columbia. Teron learned at a very young age, that every challenge in his life was an opportunity to learn something about himself and the world around him. He is passionate about empowering people of all ages. He writes because hopes something you read will move you, and because the urge simply won’t leave him alone!