Sometimes, Kids Just Get It Right…

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Sometimes, Kids Just Get It Right…


I was thumbing through an old journal this evening, when I came across this piece I wrote when I was around fourteen years old (you should see my handwriting!!).

Fourteen was a long time ago so I don’t remember what inspired it, but revisiting it tonight, I think I may have been on to something!





The Whole Story

I know not anger


I can not recognize calm.


I have not experienced sadness


I do not know joy.


I have never been cruel


I can not be kind.


I have no quarrels


no friendships.


I have not met with desire


I am no acquaintance of fulfillment.


I have never suffered


I will not gain.


I have not been defeated


I can never succeed.


I have not harbored hatred


my heart can not shelter love.


I can not ever die


I shall never live.



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