The Naturopath Issued a Challenge – Week 3

//The Naturopath Issued a Challenge – Week 3

The Naturopath Issued a Challenge – Week 3



Here it is, the last week in my 21 days of gratitude challenge:


Day 15

Larry’s “El Taco Loco” stand – hands down the best place on Salt Spring Island to stop for a quickie (I’m talking about tacos – not whatever you were thinking!); Thursdays that are Fridays because I get to spend the entire day with my Magpie & my puppy tomorrow; Long, hot baths to take the ache out of tired bones…


Day 16

Afternoon naps; Good books; Chocolate (it’s been a good day)…


Day 17

Deep conversations; Hugs from my daughter; My refrigerator – new packed with fresh, healthy food…


Day 18

Breakfast picnics & sunbathing on the deck in April; Tourists – who inject such positivity, wonder, enthusiasm, and appreciation into the energy of this little island; Harry Potter, and all his friends…


Day 19

Beautiful smiles from the barista & waitresses at the Treehouse Cafe; The sound of birds, chirping in the morning; The look of pure joy on my puppy’s face when he heard my voice & realized I was home, after he spend the ENTIRE DAY with his mom, instead of me…


Day 20

Driving – I love being behind the wheel; The way my Magpie squeals with glee, whenever she sees cherry blossoms; Hot showers – seriously, I can’t even tell you how much I appreciate hot showers…


Day 21

Our new chimney liner – thank gawd we can finally go back to wood heat; Dinner & movies with my 3 favorite people in the world (plus the dog, of course!); Laughter – especially when I get to share it with the people I love…


Challenge complete!

(I think I’ll keep going though…)



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