The Naturopath Issued a Challenge… Week 1

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The Naturopath Issued a Challenge… Week 1



Recently, my good friend and colleague, Dr. Patrick Callas, issued a challenge to the group that gathered at Island Natural Health for an info talk on the upcoming “Get Your Energy Back On Track” program. “Try something new”, he said… “Try it for 21 days”.


I have accepted his challenge, and started posting my daily gratitudes on my Facebook page. I’ve been at it for a week today, and thought I’d share with you here:


Day 1

Today’s Gratitudes: New friends – especially the ones who add “dogs” to their power point presentations (you know who you are); People who show up – you are the reason good things happen; My neighbor’s ponds – the frogs are singing their hearts out right now… It’s the most gorgeous thing…


Day 2

Today’s Gratitudes: My blessed home office & studio, where I can see the sun shine, and hear the birds sing, and watch a thousand shades of green unfold outside my window; My clients, whose hope, and courage, and tenacity, and triumphs inspire me – day, after day, after day; My nutcase Bulldog, who thinks a cardboard box to chew to shreds is just the best darned thing…


Day 3

Today’s Gratitudes: The fantastic group of people who came out to the Getting Clear workshop today and absolutely ROCKED IT!; My Magpie’s burst of creative genius that resulted in some unbelievably delicious treats we get to share with friends at brunch tomorrow; The owls who spent hours & hours outside my window last night, infusing time and space with their wisdom and energy…


Day 4

Today’s Gratitudes: Brunch, hiking & laughter; Afternoon naps; The warm, loving comfort of my dog at my feet…


Day 5

Today’s Gratitudes: Three hours of uninterrupted silence; Another great haircut from my beautiful Magpie; Messages of thanks from people whose lives I have touched in some way…


Day 6

Today’s Gratitudes: The SSI Fire crew who responded quickly & competently to our late afternoon chimney fire, including Campbell from next door, who, I swear, was over here before I’d even hung up the phone; Dave the chimney guy, who is making a special effort to call on us tomorrow; The universe’s kindness, in making sure I was home when it all went down, and that no harm was done…


Day 7

Today’s Gratitudes: Enthusiastic clients who arrive ready, willing & committed to their process; Thoughtful, unexpected surprises from my Magpie; The fact that the smoke has cleared & the house is starting to smell more normal…




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