Well, THAT was unexpected!

//Well, THAT was unexpected!

Well, THAT was unexpected!

Health & Wellness Directory 2015


Holy moly! When Sean McIntyre from the Driftwood Newspaper contacted me a while ago, wanting to do a feature article about my Counselling & Healing Work for the Salt Spring Island Wellness Guide, I didn’t really know what to expect. I guess I figured he’d write a nice little article that would slip quietly between the pages of the guide, and that would be that.


Um… nope.


I darned near fell over this morning, when I glanced at the stack of newspapers sitting on the counter at the grocery store, and saw my own fuzzy mug staring back at me! Turns out – I’m the Cover-Guy for this year’s Health & Wellness Guide, and there’s a fantastic, two and a half page article, featuring Your’s-Truly inside!


I want to send a huge, heartfelt wave of gratitude to Sean McIntyre for seeing fit to feature my work in this way. It is an honor, Sean. And… you couldn’t possibly have known, but you’re a smart man not to tell me in advance just how ‘feature’ this would be! Truth be told, it’s only been in the past few months that I have overcome a lifelong and very powerful aversion to having my picture taken. But hey – as I am fond of saying – “go big, or go home”! Thank you, Sean. Sincerely.


This is probably also a good time to thank my very own Emilaea Woodwolf for her persistence, patience & assistance in teaching me how to be more comfortable staring into a lens. The photos you took of me are the first ones in years that were fun to ‘pose’ for, and that I liked enough to share. If it weren’t for you, my face on the cover of the Guide would probably be all cross-eyed-weirdo like it’s been in just about every photo taken of me for longer than I can remember. Thanks, Kiddo!


Here’s to overcoming our ‘stuff’ and embracing who we truly are!





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