WHAT Did You Just Say? (Warning – Rant: Foul language & graphic imagery)

//WHAT Did You Just Say? (Warning – Rant: Foul language & graphic imagery)

WHAT Did You Just Say? (Warning – Rant: Foul language & graphic imagery)





So, someone I know posted to Facebook today, in support of a movement to ban the burka on the basis that “it could be anyone in there”. I absolutely refuse to repost the image, and have reported it to Facebook as the offensive, racist bullshit that it is. I will however, post my comment on the subject:


Ban the burka? Seriously? If the ability to hide one’s identity is truly the issue here, why not ban baseball hats & sunglasses? Why not ban halloween masks? Why not ban stage makeup, and wigs, and costumes, and platform shoes, and anything else that could be used to make someone appear taller, or fatter, or lighter or darker or otherwise unrecognizable as who they are? Hell, why not just instate laws that require us all to be stark naked & fully visible at all times. And don’t forget to ban freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom of choice, freedom of movement and all our other freedoms while you’re at it.


I mean – we really do need to make sure that the one sicko in a million who does something terrible is the guy we measure all of humanity by. ‘Cause we all know that if a shit-head lives next door, that makes us shit-heads too & I don’t know about you, but I definitely applaud anyone who defines me by virtue of another person’s actions instead of my own…


Yeah… next time I hear a story about some screwed-up white guy raping a woman, murdering a gay, or curb-stomping a black man I’m gonna’ start a movement to ban leather boots & denim because – you know – it could be anyone in there…

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