Will This Work for You?

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Between stimulus and response there is a space.
In that space is our power to choose our response.
In our response lies our growth and our freedom.

V.E. Frankl

Will This Work for You?

So, you want to know if this is going to work for you…

You’ve got some ideas about the reasons people seek professional support. You know a few people who have done it, but you want some assurance that it’s going to work for you. Or maybe you’re keen to give it a try, but want to make sure you are setting yourself up to succeed. You’ve heard about the benefits of working with a really good Counsellor, Healer or Coach, but you’re still trying to figure out whether or not you should book an appointment. Maybe you’ve even been referred by a friend, or another Health Care Professional.

Here’s a handy little guide:

Ask yourself if any of these descriptors sounds like you?

If you find yourself saying ‘yes’ to even a few of the following statements, you are likely to experience great success!


You are choosing to take action in life, love and business, to ensure effective communication, healthy expectations & boundaries, balanced responsibilities, mutually beneficial sharing & intimacy, and inherent compatibility BEFORE your relationships get into trouble.

If you are already struggling, you are rising to the challenge, taking ownership, and developing the skills you need to create the kinds of relationships you desire.

You understand that simply being in relationship is easy, but that being in healthy, happy, harmonious relationship takes commitment, creativity and skill.


You understand that knowledge is power, and you are willing to step outside your comfort zones to acquire the education that will support you in achieving your goals.

You recognize that for the most part, our ‘education’ in life hasn’t necessarily equipped us with the tools we need to address many common, real-life challenges and situations.

You are keen to develop skills and insights that empower you to greet life with confidence, authenticity and integrity.

You are motivated to succeed and are willing to invest additional time and energy in yourself in order to do so.


You acknowledge that sometimes life beats us down, or we push ourselves so hard that we deplete our own resources and deserve some extra support while we heal.

You are willing to share your vulnerability, and you recognize that you have the potential to become a beacon of hope & resilience for others struggling to find the same courage within themselves.

You know that you possess profound courage and tenacity, and you may even have already endured hardships that sometimes seem insurmountable.

You sense that in your balanced, rejuvenated state, you can apply your acute sensitivity and keen intelligence toward the betterment of humanity, whether on a small or larger scale.


You are compelled to learn, expand and grow, and you are searching out others who possess knowledge, skills, resources and insights that can propel you further along your path.

You are enthusiastically seeking out ideas, insights and experiences that expand your awareness, perceptions and responses.

You want to boldly embrace the unknown, and move to the forefront of movements, trends, breakthroughs and evolutions in human progress and consciousness.

You are ready to step into your role as a change-maker, a revolutionary, a pioneer.


You recognize that challenges in life are inevitable, and you like to be prepared.

You take a pre-emptive approach to dealing with problems, choosing to equip yourself in advance with the tools and resources you know you are going to need when challenges arise.

You are positioning yourself to experience great success in life, by being certain you possess the confidence, knowledge and resources required to deal with whatever life brings.


You are and outside-the-box thinker, and you have an insatiable appetite for information.

You are so committed to your own healing, evolution and development, that you are darned near unstoppable.

You would love to use what you are learning, to improve not only the quality of your own life, but also the quality of the lives of others.


You are learning that life is an ever-evolving interplay of successes, and setbacks, celebration, and tears.

You acknowledge your courage, and you acknowledge your fear.

You are sometimes wounded, you get hurt, you survive, and you heal.

You are driven to live your highest possible potential, in the best possible way.

You are a teacher, a doctor, a mother, a father.

You are a banker, a mechanic, a builder, an artist.

You are a poet, a musician, an academic, a scientist.

You are a millionaire, a billionaire, you are middle class, you are poor.

You are a brother, a sister, a stranger, a friend.

You get up every morning and make the very best you can of the day.

You are possibility in motion – unlimited potential, waiting to be born.

Do the thing and you will have the power.

  • – R.W. Emmerson